Swayble Mockup

3D Modelling
Swable 3D model wide shot
Swable 3D model
Swable 3D model

The Swayble is a stylish, modern and fun piece of hybrid furniture, combining swing seats and a table, for the office or outdoors.

The client provided us with a 3D model of their product for use in marketing materials. However before we could use the model – it needed some serious cleanup.

I reduced the complexity of the model down from +4 million vertices, down to a couple of thousand. I fixed the normals, and I also mapped the faces to a proper texture map.

Overall the model went from 320MB, down to 20MB, with minimal loss in fildelity.

We now have an optimised 3D model which allows us to customise the colours and textures to render a range of imagery for our needs.

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