How to backup your data

What would happen if your computer fizzled out and died right now? How quickly could you get back up and running on a new machine? Would you lose any important files? If this thought brings up even a small amount of terror then you probably don’t have a good backup system in place. Ensuring your […]

A smart home, without a thousand apps

Buy almost any ‘smart’ product and you’ll almost certainly be forced to download an accompanying app in order to integrate said product within your home. Anyone who has already delved into the rabbit hole which is smart home and automation will quickly realise that each individual brand of product will have their own app or […]

VPNs and security

There has been a huge cultural shift recently with regards to fixed offices and remote working – more and more people are taking the opportunity to work from home, coffee shops, conference rooms, and other locations out in public. Whilst this increase in flexibility has shown to have many benefits to mental health and productivity, […]